Unlearning Capitalism

Let's talk about sex & intimacy baby... thru a political lens -- Part I: The MACRO
On cancel culture, the social media rage machine & echo chambers
Feat. the show Severance: A horrifying & hopeful glimpse at the plight & rebellion of workers
'Seasonal Affective Disorder' or humans forced to work & unable to adapt to nature?
How to navigate societal shame of "failure" & divest from capitalist "success" (Part II)Watch now (41 mins) | Practice abolition on a personal level- easier said than done but worth it!
Navigating societal shame of not "succeeding" under capitalism
TAKE 2: How can I use my privilege for social change? On political awakeningWatch now (10 mins) | “Now that I’m more aware of oppressive systems, where do I get started?” Hint: With you & your community
+ Israel's wokewashing tactics to cover-up its colonial occupation of & apartheid in Palestine
Edition V-- The Military Entertainment complex 101
Introducing -- A newsletter on the science of social justice, collectivism & abolition